Terrific Football Season Comes To End in Heartbreaker at Somerset 35-31

Terrific Football Season Comes To End in Heartbreaker at Somerset 35-31

New faces abounded for LCA to start the season. A large graduating class and the departure of a few talented veterans suddenly made the Eagles very young ... but very talented. Anchored by six seniors - Blane Hardin, Caleb Bolton, Andre Green, Ben Whitman, Chase Sacca and Chris Zaccarelli -  and half the roster being freshman, this squad was talked about a lot in the pre-season, and usually not predicted to be that successful on the field. But as the famous author Mark Twain once wrote, "the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." So it was for the LCA football team in 2018.

A new quarterback, new offensive and defensive lines, very little experience in skill positions and the prospects of many playing both ways, seemed like a daunting task in July. The coaches and the players took the challenge head on and finished a most improbable season Friday night in Somerset, with a lst to the district champs. Finishing 9-4, second in the district and making it to the regional finals for the fourth straight year, the Eagles just kept the winning ways going. Friday night the squad lost a thriller at favored Somerset 35-31, just missing a score on the games' final few plays deep in Somerset territory. But that was just one part to an amazing story that was the 2018 season. 

On and off the field, this amazing group of young men and coaches came together as one. There were a lot of distractions and naysayers in the offseason, but God used that turmoil to show this group of young people the power of coming together as a unit playing for each other. That's the beauty of high school sports. Its not the wins and losses - though its always fun to win - its about the lessons God can teach us if we let Him. Christianity, it can be said, boils down to loving God and loving others. Playing for your teammates, even to your own personal detriment, is one way teammates can show Christ's love. This group of football Eagles did just that.

Success on the field is fleeting. Success off the field can be eternal. By all accounts, on and off the field, this group of young people accomplished a great deal.

Congratulations on a great season.